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The who's who, what's what of "Thief of Hearts". Bios subject to change as comics progresses!

Erik Coeur
Name: Erik Coeur
-Reason: Erik is derived from "Eros", who is the Greek God of Love (Cupid in Roman Myth). Coeur in French is "Heart".
Age: 18
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Lapis Lazuli
Skin Color: Almond skin
Birthdate: Unknown
Weapon: A Chain-Sickle
Inspirational Songs: Famous Last Words- MCR/ Poor Unfortunate Souls- Jonas Brothers/ What is this Feeling?- Wicked
Biography: Erik Coeur is an Alucard (not associated with Dracula or his relatives in any way), a Heart Thief. When Erik was born, he was born dead, but ten minutes later, he woke up. Death then cursed him with a decaying heart, and fortold the end of the world upon Erik's demise. After a mishap with Rietch, 6 year old Erik made a deal with the Demon Apothecary Faust, that would give him a prolonged life, in exchange for 12 'sacrafices' to make the pills essential to quell his disease. The pills give him increased vitality and abnormal powers; like strength, agility, immunity to diseases, high metabolism, and a long lifespan. He can even withstand a fatal blow, but he has to take a pill shortly afterwards, or else he'd die slowly. For over 800 years, he's been running from Death and his reapers, namely Rietch, and there has been no place to hide for long. However, a new opportunity has risen involving one of his victims...

Charlotte Dulce
Name: Charlotte Rochelle Dulce
-Reason: Charlotte sounds like "Chocolate", which gives her a range of natures, from sweet to bitter. Dulce in Spanish means "Candy","Sugar", or "Sweet".
Age: 18
Hair Color: Hot Chocolate
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Skin Color: Peach Fuzz
Birthdate: Feburary 19
Weapon: Toys/ Sanctuary Power
Inspirational Songs: Won't Say I'm In Love- Hercules/ Bad Boy- Cascadia
Biography: Charlotte is the victim of horrible circumstances. Her parents fly away on business trips constantly. Her brother, Brett, is always getting in trouble somehow, and one year ago, she faced a traumatizing experience that-- she'd rather not think about. Now, Erik Coeur is living with them! No good can come of this...

Brett Dulce
Name: Brett Daniel Dulce
Age: 13
Eye Color: Jade Green
Hair Color: Hay Gold
Skin Color: Peach flesh
Birthday: April 1st
Inspirational Songs: What is this Feeling?- Wicked/ Mad World- Gary Jules
Biography: Brett stays with his sister alone most of the time, as their parents have to travel often for work. He is easilly made suspicious of strange occurances, and works as a newspaper delivery boy.

Rochier Roux
Name: Rochier 'Cherry' Roux
-Reason: Rochier was actually ripped from my favorite candy ^^ Ferrero Rochier. It's a ball of nutella within a shell of chocolate rolled in nuts. Rochier's wierd attitude, being sharp but smooth and the like, reflects that image. Roux means "reddish" in French, and Cherry..... uh... I thought it sounded cute. How many guys do you know that are named Cherry? Not many, I tell you.
Age: 19
Eye Color: Ice Pink
Hair Color: Valentine Red/Pink
Skin Color: Peach flesh
Birthday: Janurary 17
Weapons: Valentine and Casanova (white and red guns).
Inspirational Songs: I Believe in A Thing Called Love- The Darkness/ Love it When you Call- The Feeling/ Bitch- Meredith Brooks
Biography: To Be Revealed...

Rietch Scarce
Name: Rietch Scarce
-Pronounced: Rightch (as in churn) Scarse
Age: 19
Hair Color: Crimson
Eye Color: Orange/Gold/Red
Birthdate: 9th of Each Month
Weapon: A scythe
Inspirational Songs: Dead- MCR/ Shut Me Up- MSI/ Bitches- MSI/
Biography: Rietch Scarce is a Reaper; and in service to Death, he has been tracking Erik, a long term escapee from Death's grasp. Rietch weilds a deadly scythe, which has a long reach. He is among the first denizens to adapt to modern technology, and brags that he could catch anyone, anywhere, at anytime, though he doesn't have much proof to back his claims. He's often carrying around a smooth black cell phone, through which other members of his legion contact him through telepathy (he refreigns from accepting or transmitting telepathy through his mind. His excuse is brain tumor avoidance). Rietch is sly, scheming, brash, and an all around egotistical bastard. In the new age, he shows a lot of restraint, though it takes a lot of reminding on Axe's part to keep his head on straight.

Name: Axes
-Reason: Axes is a think tank guy, so I gave him a name that fits: a mathmatical term: Axis.
Age: 22
Hair Color: Reddish brown
Eye Color: Gold
Skin Color: Tannish-peach
Biography: Axes is part one of Rietch's think tank as the technician. He's the logical one, who often has to sit down with Rietch to plan out their next move. Of course, he frequently forgets to calculate the human factor in his plans. He's a rational thinker, and he learns well from failure. He has the job of keeping Rietch on track, due to his superior's occasional tendency to get distracted. He's often stuck doing the complex work, like searches and the like.

Tangie Angel
Name: Tangela "Tangie" Angel
-Reason: Tangie is a think tank girl, so I gave her a name that fits: a mathmatical term. Angel is not her real last name. Since Death creates Reapers and Soul Sewers, the real need for last names is none. Rietch calls her Tangie Angel to coax her to do things for him.
Age: 13
Hair Color: Champagne
Eye Color: One Sky Blue and One Purple with swirls for cornae.
Skin Color: light peach
Weapons: Sewing needle
Biography: Tangie is Rietch's soul sewer, a Denizen in charge of delivering the souls that Rietch collects by sewing them together. Lately though, she has been busy helping Rietch with his assignment in retrieving Erik, so she's been sending the souls he accidentally kills in an envelope. She's playful and not much of a help when it comes to planning and technical things, since she can't take things seriously.


Name: UnDeuxUn (1-2-1)Rapplestreet
Biography: UnDeuxUn is the name/number of the House that supplies both sanctuary and power to Charlotte and company. The gate has a forcefield around the house, keeping it cloaked from death's forces, and if a reaper touches the gate, a temporary amnesia takes affect, after blowing them back about fifteen feet. She's very defensive, and does not waste time with formalities.

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