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Event Begins!/New Layout!/BeginningChapterRetooling!

posted by Surrealmasque on January 20th, 2009, 5:27 am

Heya Everybody!

So Thief of Hearts' 2 Year anniversary is less than a month away, and it has an outstanding and unbelievable 500+ plus fans!! I'm so estatic about this!! Thank you everyone!

Now, I've decided I'm gonna put my flash skills to work, and am going to do something fun for the 2 year anni: an Interview with the Cast segment! You, the readers, get until February 9th to come up with any questions you'd like answered by either Erik, Rietch, or Charlotte on Valentines' Day!

You can either post your questions on the site, or send them to

Which leads to part deux of this newspost: There's a new layout up now, thanks to Whistleonwild for the wonderful codings!

I know that the last layout was rather a bomb... which was a bummer, but now this one is pretty satisfactory, and far as I know, the site works alright for me. If you are having anything wrong with the site, lemme know, okay? I'd like to fix it pronto.

There's also a part three: Remember when I said sometime before that I was going to redo the first chapter to make it more streamlined? Well, I've finally resumed working on that. If you liked the old pages, I'm going to wrap 'em up in a nice little gallery somewhere and keep the link up for you to read them there, but otherwise, the new pages will soon be showing up on here. They'll be better with better dialogue and drawings, and I'm giving Erik and Charlotte a whole new battle and background sequence where there is NOT an endless frame by frame of black/gradiant/needless screentone variations of backgrounds. STILL gonna be updating the story though, and HOPEFULLY faster than I have been. (I'm getting a lot more freetime lately... I'd like to think.)

Hopefully you all are having a great New Year, and I will soon be premiering "Thief of Hearts: Afflicition", a prologue to Thief of Hearts that explores Erik's life before meeting Charlotte, and how he became who he is, and also "Oubliette", which is a brand new comic I've been working on involving crawling into other worlds via a hole you dug in your back lawn, creepy video footage, broken talking clocks, solar powered beings, red thread, and waterlogged girls, some time in February.

Anyway, hope you like the new layout and that the event goes well! Thank you all for your wonderful support, and I look forward to another year of fun with you guys! ^^





Hello again, everyone. Though I have a new account, this is, in fact, Surrealmasque. First of all, it has been a long, long time, and I deeply apologize for not updating this comic sooner. Life has been so chaotic after high school finished for me. College, work, illness... a whole bunch of things all collaborated to stunt much productivity and creativity in the comic sector of my life, until recently, when I was reminded about how much I truly deeply loved working on this story. So! I endeavored to reboot it once more.

SO, I am starting over. I was never satisfied with the opening of this comic. My artwork was sloppy, Erik's first encounter with Charlotte was a travesty as far as backgrounds (or immense lack thereof) were concerned, and I was just plain buzzing with new ideas. So, after a long hiatus, I have decided to update this comic, and regenerate it in a brand new form.
Now, I would be telling you guys this as Surrealmasque, but due to invalid passwords and security questions I have long forgotten my past answers to, I have no way of logging back in under that name. However, this might be fitting, since I think that "Thief of Hearts" deserves a fresh start, and what better way than under my new flourish "Sachelarot".

I've changed some things here and there, made some alterations to designs and locations, changed some dialogue and fixed a bunch of problems I had with the first chapter. It's all for the utmost best, I assure you!

So, I'll be uploading these new pages on "Thief of Hearts"'s new home: "Thief of Hearts: Regeneration"

I look forward to writing and drawing Erik, Charlotte, UnDeuxUn, Rietch, and all the rest with utmost excitement once again!

Hope you'll come by to check it out.

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