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Do Not Panic!!

posted by Surrealmasque on November 22nd, 2009, 9:56 pm

ACK! I'm so ashamed you guys for not updating in so long! This has been a rather wretched few months for my comics, that's for sure... lots of stress and things... but hope is not lost!!

I have finally gotten a few pages made up! I just need to ink them. I really must apologize for the long hiatus... but thank you all for sticking with me! 800+ Fans?! How did that happen!? Thank you all for your amazing support, and I'll be updating Erik and Charlotte's story again very shortly. I apologize, and looking forward to entertaining you all once again!





Yay thats great! I cant wait!


that's wonderful! >w< I can hardly wait! >w< But still.. I can, cuz it's such good comic.. =w=



Oooh~! This makes me soo happy X3
It's like an early Christmas :D


All I can say is =D

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